Registration CVA as a Service – Worksheet

Thank you for registering your interest for the Worksheet version of the PIMS 客户价值分析 (CVA) 应用。请点击下面的注册按钮,注册并获得进入启动器的权限。验证后,你将收到你的登录凭证,以访问CVA应用程序。如果你有任何问题或提交表格有困难,请通过以下方式与我们联系 电子邮件.

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The “Worksheet” tier is an enhancement on the “Freemium” as there is the option to buy multiple worksheets and and you are able to add up to 10 competitors. However, no aggregations are permitted.

  1. Define up to 10 main competitors/suppliers
  2. 比较每个竞争对手/供应商的相对价格
  3. Define 15 different key buying factors (e.g. 5 product, 5 service and 5 image attribute)
  4. 对关键购买因素进行加权和评分
  5. 在购买决定中,价格和质量的权重是最重要的。
  6. Pay by worksheet



$from 250每张工作表
  • No annual license fee
  • up to 10 competitors and 15 attributes