The attribute chart shows the importance of each purchase criterion on the horizontal axis and the performance in comparison with all competitors, called the average rating difference on the vertical axis.

  • The farther right a purchase criterion is positioned the greater is its importance. All attributes add up to 100 %
  • The higher the rating difference of a purchase criterion the bigger the competitive advantage of your business – the lower, the bigger the business’ disadvantage
  • A position on the horizontal zero point line indicates the same average performance as the competitors

In the example, we can see that we have a good image in the marketplace and our product is viewed as performing well, but on the key areas (as far as the customer is concerned) of service and on time delivery we are perceived as performing badly. This shows that these areas need addressing urgently, not just because of their direct effect on our market position, but long term they will also affect the perception of our image, driving quality down further.

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