The Malik Syntegration® … Results in 3½ days

Ahead of Change – the Syntegration method is the silver bullet for true change. The Syntegration is the perfect method for change management, for profound structural changes, strategic repositioning, smooth post-merger integration, fast cultural changes, lightning-fast stabilization and turnaround management as well as for generally all complex change processes. The Syntegration also achieves spectacular results in turning round companies from bankruptcy. It regularly produces creative solutions that were not thought of before.

The Syntegration is able to elevate even the most difficult phases of decision making – opinion forming, consensus and commitment – as well as implementation to a uniquely new level of efficiency and speed. With the Syntegration, we are proud to have achieved a breakthrough in innovation, comparable in its game-changing effect with the innovations of satellite navigation, SmartPhones and non-invasive surgery. The finding and implementing of solutions to highly complex decisions is fundamentally revolutionized.

The Syntegration method is unrivaled and not comparable with any conventional method. The core of the Malik Syntegration method is a cybernetic communication process connecting up to 40 knowledge contributors in a systemically optimized way. By using the comprehensive knowledge, new, intelligent  and highly creative solutions develop. Within 2½ up to 3½ days the entire knowledge of all participants can innovatively be maximized by the self-regulating optimization of the information flow between the participants.

The entire group of participants becomes more efficient eightyfold as compared to regular teams and the decisions will be made a hundred times faster. The method has achieved tremendous results in more than 1’000 applications all over the world. It works in all kinds of cultures with the harmony, elegance and
precision of a symphony.

“The Syntegration is like a magicians hat – and in the end the result is unbelievable.”
Executive board N-ERGIE after the Syntegration®

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