What We Do

Help organisations tackle challenges and capture opportunities

Transform the value offered to customers, make operations both lean and resilient with appropriate innovation. Base strategies on evidence not wishful thinking. Blend digital and human capabilities.

One unique resource is the well-known PIMS® (Profit Impact of Market Strategy®) programme, which has helped thousands of companies with portfolio resource allocation and marketing and investment decisions. The PIMS® tools and databases were refined and developed first at Harvard, now as an independent company.

PIMS Associates, headquartered in London, is part of Malik Management in St Gallen Switzerland.

Each PIMS consultant has over 25’000 years of real business experience at their fingertips.

Benchmarking 4.0

World-leading empirical research on strategic management. Comprehensive data on tens of thousands of years of business experience.

Customer Value

Driving customer value methodology since 1980, quantifying its effect on profitability and growth and helping businesses to excel in old and new markets.

Operational Excellence

25+ years helping operations excellence. Benchmarking expertise in diverse industries including oil, chemicals, packaging and retail.

Transformation & Change

Empowering and enabling organisations to transform and win through complex challenges, exploiting cybernetic control theory.

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