Registration CVA as a Service – Freemium

Thank you for registering your interest for the Freemium version of the PIMS Customer Value Analysis (CVA) application. Please click on the register button below to register and gain access to the freemium. Upon validation, you will receive your log-in credentials to access the CVA application. If you have any questions or difficulties submitting the form please get in contact with us via email.

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Key features:

The goal of the freemium is to provide you regardless of whether you are a beginner or already a professional in customer value analysis with a free-to-use product and to get a gauge what the Customer Value Analysis tool is capable of.

  1. Define your 3 main competitors/suppliers
  2. Compare relative prices for each competitors/suppliers
  3. Define 4 different key buying factors (2 product, 1 service and 1 image attribute)
  4. Weight & score the key buying factors
  5. Weight the price compared to quality the in purchase decision
  6. Generate 1 Customer Value Map with a limited number of competitors (Us versus 2 competitors)
  7. Generate 1 Attribute Chart with a limited number of attributes (Us versus 2 competitors for 4 attributes – 2 product, 1 service and 1 image attribute)
  8. Save your results as a pdf report
  9. Edit the input twice across 2 separate logins before becoming locked to read only



$0per worksheet
  • 1 x Value Map
  • 1 x Attribute Analysis